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maanantai 2. heinäkuuta 2012

Vuoden 2011 impact factorit julkaistu / 2011 Journal Impact Factors released

2011 Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
- the world's most influential resource for information on highly cited, peer-reviewed publications and the source of annual Journal Impact Factors.

The 2011 release, with separate editions for Science and Social Sciences, features the largest-ever JCR with 10,677 journal listings in 232 disciplines; 2,552 publishers from 82 countries are represented.
A total of 528 journals receive their first Journal Impact Factor in this latest JCR release.

Mikä on impact factor ja miten se löytyy? / How to find the impact factor of a journal?

Journal citation reports (JCR) link in Nelli portal (tietokannat/find database).

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